Friday, September 18, 2015

U.S. Army Crosses Danube in Hungary in Show of Force

The best we can offer is a small unit of armored trucks. The truck mounted infantry are cooperating with Hungarian forces to combat “Hybrid Warfare.” Right.
“Forty-one armored Stryker vehicles and 500 soldiers from the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, known as the Dragoons, began crossing the Danube River on a Hungarian pontoon bridge Thursday morning in Gyor, Hungary. Over 96 hours, the regiment’s reconnaissance squadron has been making a very public road march through Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.”
All warfare is Hybrid in character.  There is no such thing as a pure form of warfare. The notion that US and allied forces should focus on the “Low-Intensity” end of warfare ignores the Russian capacity to rapidly escalate. American military capabilities should be based on sober threat analyses, not illusions. The Stryker Parade won’t fool anyone in Moscow.
The Russians don’t do many things well, but the Russians have been subverting, destabilizing, invading and conquering their neighbors since Peter the Great. The idea that we are seeing something new in the form of “little green men” is a measure of how little Americans know about Russia. Soviet military planners incorporated the use of fifth column forces into their theater level operational planning during the Cold War as they did during WW II. 

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