Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Town Hall, America: State of Affairs on Iran Nuclear Deal

After a day of rallies and protests on Capitol Hill, legislators are getting ready to vote on whether or not they agree with the proposed Iran nuclear agreement.

Late Wednesday, House Republican leaders stalled talks after claiming the White House had not disclosed side agreements that were made on the impending deal.

According to legislation passed earlier this year, leaders on the hill have little more than a week do approve or disapprove it.

In a town hall debate, a group of panelists discussed the Iran nuclear deal, and the impact the decision will have with Sinclair Broadcast Group's Senior Political Reporter Scott Thuman.

During the discussion, heated at times, the group of current and former legislators along with a retired army colonel and political activist went back and forth over the pros and cons of the deal.

"We aren't going to get a perfect deal," asserted former Democratic Rep. Jim Moran of Virginia."There is no better alternative."

"We are going to have to give something, to get something that matters."

Rep. Will Hurd (R-Tex.) said his experience as a CIA operative for nearly a decade leads him to believe the Iranian government is trying to build a nuclear weapon.

"This is far from a perfect deal. I think it could be better," he said, noting trust issues with the Iranians as a factor in his decision.

"We can't trust the Iranians that they are going to follow suit with this deal."

Retired Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor disagreed, stating the deal, "allows us to move away from a path of confrontation," adding "at this stage of the game, we walk - we lose it."

Clifford May, president of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, said he believes a deal will give Iran a shot at bolstering their power in the Middle East. "We do not have the kind of verification or inspection we are supposed to have," he said, also asserting the dangers of lifting sanctions and providing Iran access to billions in funds.

Moran said he sees no other option, believing that the U.S. could face backlash should lawmakers vote against the deal, "I don't see any alternative to this deal that 95% of the other world powers have agreed to. The U.S. loses credibility in terms of its world leadership."

Rep. Hurd though, stated it would be hard to believe that European leadership would not reconsider their position should Congress go against the deal, "If the Europeans decide to choose Iran over the United Sates - how bad have our relationships gotten if our partners side with Iran over us?"


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