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Russell Brand 4/26/2024

“There’s NOTHING Left!” 600,000 Ukrainians DEAD! | Colonel Douglas Macgregor On The Ukraine War

Today is my conversation with U.S. Army Colonel Retired Combat Veteran & CEO of, Colonel Douglas Macgregor.

In this conversation, we discussed the escalating threat of World War III and ongoing conflicts worldwide. Additionally, we explored the sentiments of American veterans regarding the war machine and whether Americans are becoming more aware of the workings of the military-industrial complex.

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Colonel Macgregor's most recent OP-ED 4/23/2024 -- Audio only.

If you prefer to read the article, go to:  

The American Conservative 4/23/2024
Is It Game, Set, Match to Moscow?
The American brand will suffer so long as Washington pretends its capacities are limitless.

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Judge Napolitano/Judging Freedom 4/16/2024

Col. Douglas Macgregor : Will Israel Go Nuclear?
From Israel's strategic calculus to the regional dynamics of the Middle East, we analyze the factors that could potentially drive Israel towards nuclear action.

The American Conservative 4/16/2024

Would Israel Go Nuclear Against Iran?
And will the U.S. be dragged along for the ride?

Douglas Macgregor
Apr 15, 2024 (Audio Only, 6:35 mins)

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Reinvent Money with Paul Buitink 4/9/2024

Colonel Douglas Macgregor:  "Europeans need to take control of their own destiny"

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