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Veterans 4 Freedom 7/25/2023

V4F Ops Sgt-Maj, Jeff Evely, hosts special guest, US Army Col (Ret'd) Douglas MacGregor. Col (Ret'd) 

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Thursday, July 27, 2023

Geopolitics & Empire 7/23/2023

Hrvoje Morić0 talks with Col. Douglas Macgregor: NATO is an Appendage of Globalist Foreign Policy

Col. Douglas Macgregor discusses the threat of globalism and how NATO has become instrumentalized to work as an appendage of globalist foreign policy run out of Washington and London. He provides his view on the current state of the war in Ukraine, how America is staring at armageddon financially, and multipolarity.

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Steak For Breakfast Podcast 7/21/2023 Audio Only

Edited version of show that only has the Colonel Macgregor's interview.

Episode 258

Colonel Macgregor's interview starts at the about the 2:01 (two hour and one minute mark).

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The Kennedy Beacon 7/20/2023

Discarding Illusions, Ending Wars
By Colonel (ret.) Douglas Macgregor, US Army

From the moment the war in Ukraine started, Western reporting on the war was a radical repudiation of the truth. Washington and its NATO allies always knew that NATO expansion to Russia’s borders would precipitate an armed conflict with Moscow, but NATO’s ruling globalist class did not care. For them, Russia in 2022 was unchanged from the weak and incapable Russia of the late 1990s. The risk of failure seemed low. Ergo, Russia could be bullied into submission.

Americans and most Europeans did not bother to question or analyze. Widespread strategic ignorance about Russia and Eastern Europe ensured that most Americans and even West Europeans would react quickly and viscerally to the Western media’s distorted images and lies about Russia. At the same time, tolerance for criticism of Washington’s role in fashioning the corrupt and deceitful conduct of the Volodymyr Zelenskyy Regime and its war was disallowed in the press

Washington’s ruling class was cheered when it dismissed Russian proposals for talks on any grounds that did not recognize NATO’s right to transform Ukraine into a base for U.S. and Allied Military Power aimed at Russia. Ukrainian flags sprouted from the lush grounds of America’s wealthier neighborhoods like flowers in an arboretum and wonders in the form of limitless military assistance, miracle weapons, and cash were promised to President Zelenskyy––promises that strategic reality did not justify.

In 2022 the Biden Administration no longer possessed the military and economic strength to wage high-end conventional warfare that it had in 1991. Waging a major war 10,000 miles from home on the Eurasian continent is impossible without the support of truly powerful Allies on the model of the British Empire during WWII. Washington’s NATO allies are military dependencies, not formidable strategic partners.

Whereas Russian Military Power is still structured for decisive operations launched from Russian soil, U.S. Military power is geared to project limited air, naval, and land power thousands of miles from home to the periphery of Asia and Africa. American military power consists of boutique forces designed for safari in Africa and the Middle East, not decisive combat operations against great continental powers like Russia or China.

Eighteen months later Ukraine is in ruins. Its latest counteroffensive achieved nothing. In the last three weeks, an estimated 26,000 Ukrainian soldiers died in pointless attacks against world-class Russian defenses  ‘in depth.’ (Defenses ‘in depth’ mean a security zone of 15 -25 kilometers in front of the main defense, that consists of at least three defense belts twenty or more kilometers deep.)

By comparison, Russian losses were minimal.

Today, more than 100,000 Russian troops are conducting offensive operations along the Lyman-Kupiansk axis. These forces include 900 tanks, 555 artillery systems and 370 multiple rocket launchers. It does not take much imagination to anticipate the breakthrough of these forces to the North where they can encircle Kharkiv.

Once Russian Forces surround the city, they will become an irresistible magnet for Ukraine’s last reserve of 30-40,000 troops. Ukrainian Forces attacking to the East to break through to Kharkov will present the combination of Russian space and terrestrial-based ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance) assets and Precision Strike Aerospace, Artillery, Rocket, and Missile Systems with a target array that only a blind man could miss.

None of these developments should surprise anyone in the West. Building a Ukrainian army on the fly with a hotchpotch of hastily assembled equipment from a multitude of NATO members and an officer corps of many courageous, but inexperienced officers had little chance of success even under the best of circumstances.

Wars are decided in the decades before they begin. In war, the sudden appearance of “Silver Bullet” technology seldom provides more than a temporary advantage and strong personalities in the senior ranks do not compensate for inadequate military organization, training, thinking, and effective equipment. A new, leaked memorandum from sources inside Ukraine illustrates these points:

“Units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are at such terrible states of degradation that soldiers are abandoning their posts, and whilst not mentioned in these documents, a flood of videos have been published from Russian sources claiming Ukrainian service personnel are surrendering at the first opportunity owing to the belief that they are being treated  as ‘nothing more than cannon fodder.’”

Events on the ground are beginning to overtake the carefully orchestrated charade in Kiev. There is little that pontificating retired generals and armchair military analysts can do to halt the inevitable. Moscow understands that the war will not end without Russian offensive action. Whatever the Washington’s original goals may have been, theybeen they are unrealizable. Russian Forces will soon fall on the Ukrainian forces with the momentum and the impact of an avalanche.

In view of these points, before all of Ukraine’s manpower is annihilated, or a “Coalition of the Willing” from Poland and Lithuania marches into Western Ukraine, Washington can arrest Ukraine’s downward spiral into total defeat, and Washington’s own irresponsible drift into a regional war with Russia for which Washington and its allies are not prepared.

Cooler heads can prevail inside the beltway. The fighting can stop, but a ceasefire, and the diplomatic talks that must proceed from a ceasefire, will not occur unless Washington and its Allies acknowledge three critical points:

First, whatever form the Ukrainian State assumes in the aftermath of the conflict, Ukraine must be neutral and non-aligned. NATO membership is out of the question. A neutral Ukraine on the Austrian model can still provide a buffer between Russia and its Western Neighbors.

Second, Washington and its Allies must immediately suspend all military aid to Ukraine. Doubling down on failure by introducing more equipment and technology the Ukrainian Forces cannot quickly absorb and employ is wasteful and self-defeating.

Third, all U.S. and allied personnel, clandestine or in uniform, must withdraw from Ukraine. Insisting on some form of NATO presence as a face-saving measure is pointless. The attempt to extend NATO’s “new globalist world order” to Russia has failed.

The point is straightforward. It is time for Washington to turn its attention inward and address the decades of American societal, economic, and military decay that ensued after 1991. It’s time to reverse the decline in American national prosperity, and power; to avoid unnecessary overseas conflict;and to shun future interventions in the affairs of other nation states and their societies. The threats to our Republic are here, at home, not in the Eastern Hemisphere.

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Real America - Dan Ball 7/12/2023

One America News Network

Ukraine In NATO Puts Us Closer To WWIII,

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Dr. Savage 07/12/2023 Audio Only

SAVAGE AND COL. MACGREGOR: Has The World Turned On Zelensky And The Ukraine War?

NEW podcast with Col. Macgregor. Listen NOW on any podcast app or at the link:

Stephen Gardner 7/15/2023

Colonel Douglas Macgregor shares inside intel on the Russia-Ukraine war with Stephen Gardner. Ukraine is losing and NATO knows it. Zelenskyy is in a silent battle between selling out Ukraine to get money for Ukraine and losing his life or position. The Corruption in DC is unfathomable. The amount of money being siphoned off Americans is criminal. Ex-Cia Ray McGovern is right, the military-industrial complex is making profits off the lost lives of Ukrainian and Russian soldiers and no one cares because they aren't American men and women. 

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Stephen Gardner 7/12/2023

Col. Macgregor: Ukraine is being ANNIHILATED (Exclusive Interview)

Crashing the War Party 7/11/2023 Audio Only

Nothing but the truth: A conversation with Col. Doug Macgregor on Ukraine

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Trish Wood Show 7/11/2023

Douglas Macgregor & Trish Wood: Odessa and Kharkiv fall under Russian control and authority

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Sunday, July 2, 2023

"I Don't Think We'll Ever Get To The 2024 Election", Col. Douglas Macgregor (Ret) Warns


SUNDAY, JUL 02, 2023 - 06:00 PM

Retired US Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor joined Patrick Bet-David on his PDB Podcast for a lengthy discussion of  Russia, Ukraine, the woke military, the Trump Tape, China, and much more.

However, one section in particular caught our attention.

Bet-David recently laid out how he thinks 2024 will play out in a long tweet:

2024 strategy to have Newsom replace Biden:

Step 1:  have Newsom go around defending Biden. Selling Biden’s record.

Shows loyalty

Step 2: have him constantly attack Desantis.

Dems are convinced Trump will be forced to drop out

Step 3: if Biden doesn’t step down, have mainstream media attack him

It’s already happening. ABC, CBS & NBC all went after him starting this week.  

Step 4: once Jill notices these endless attacks have a private meeting with Biden sharing strategy to save face if he steps down

1. Multiple documentary showing him as modern day FDR.

2. Massive Simon & Schuster book deal 💰

3. Defend his legacy & be pardoned by Newsom if 💩 hits the fan

Step 5:  choose one of few options to step down

1. Due to health

2. Jill and I prayed about it and we decided it’s time for us to go spend time with the grandkids.

3. “We fixed everything Trump broke and now it’s time for someone else to do it”

4. Edify Newsom as being loyal to Biden unlike Desantis not being loyal to Trump.

Step 6:  In order to prevent Kamala from backstabbing, let her become the first female president for a split second when Biden steps down.

Hilary will lose her mind but what’s new?  

Step 7: Divide Desantis and Trump camp to make sure MAGA Doesn’t vote for Desantis

Step 8: Newsom becomes 47 [48]

And last but not least, it’s very likely that NONE of the above will happen, which is why it’s called a prediction.  


In response to this, Macgregor went dark, beginning by noting that "first of all I think it's brilliant. And I think that if we were living in a linear world - in other words, when one event follows the next logically; you're absolutely right."

"But," Macgregor warns "I don't think we'll ever get to the 2024 election."

"I think things are going to implode in Washington before then."

From there it gets more ominous...

Watch the full podcast below (fwd to 1:51:30 for the discussion above):

Full transcript:
I don't think we'll ever get to the 2024 election.

I think things are going to implode in Washington before then.

I think our economic Financial condition is fragile - it's going to come home to roost in ugly ways.

Now I will tell you I don't know exactly how it will happen, but I think we're going to end up in a situation where we find out the banks are closed for two or three weeks, and nobody can get into them.

I think we're going to run into something like that.

I also think that the levels of violence and criminality in our cities is so high that it's going to spill over into other places in society.

People that normally think they can live remote from the problem are now beginning to be touched by the problem.

Then I look at this thing in Ukraine.

I think Ukraine is going to lose catastrophically - it's going to be a complete collapse and that too is going to have an effect here at home because people are going to say, well, wait a minute everybody told us Ukraine was winning, everybody told us X Y and Z.

I mean sort of the the Russian hoax on steroids.

All of those things are going to come together or converge in some way that's going to prevent us from reaching you know the status quo. Oh. another election... Oh, another set of campaigns... And so forth...

Cloward and Piven would be proud!!

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BIG PICTURE with James Patrick 7/1/2023

The TRUTH about the Ukraine War with Doug Macgregor

Colonel Douglas Macgregor is a career military fighter with experience in the first Gulf War and served as a military advisor to Donald Trump. He is a truth teller and in this in person interview tells the truth about what is really happening in the Ukrainian war.