Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Obama escalates the war in Syria without Congress

GENERAL COMMENT:  Obama is doing now what’s he’s done thus far.  He’s doing only enough to silence his critics and to convey the impression of U.S. action when, in reality, there is none. 
·       The alleged “moderate Sunni Muslim Force” in Syria is estimated to be 40 “reliable” men with rifles, if that.  In the foreseeable future offensive operations by these elements against the Assad Regime are unlikely.  
·       If these moderates attempted offensive operations against the Assad Regime they would require massive air strikes to support them.  If we opted to do this we would end up assisting Erdogan to install a Sunni-Islamist regime in Damascus allied with the Turks.  The security implications of this action for Israel are obvious and ominous.
·       In addition, a deliberate air campaign against the Assad Regime could also trigger Russian intervention to support Damascus with potent air defense technology, as well as, selected ground forces.  That would be a game changer.  U.S. Air Power would be at severe risk of being shot down with all that being shot down entails including U.S. pilots falling into Assad’s hands.