Sunday, June 12, 2016

Col. Douglas Macgregor on U.S. Foreign and Defense Policy for the Next President

Ostrolenk speaks with Col. Douglas Macgregor on the U.S. Foreign Policy and Defense advice he would offer to the next President. Col. Macgregor gives an overview of the strategic objectives of Russia and China and how neither is the imminent threat we may believe them to be. Col. Mcgregor also presents that many countries can afford to protect themselves and that America should explore where it makes sense to remove ground troops. Finally, he would advise the future President that not every military action in the Middle East is directed at the U.S.; while the United States can protect its own borders from ISIS, the U.S. will not be able to defeat ISIS abroad. With these considerations and many other examples detailed, Col. Macgregor ultimately stresses that the United States cannot, and should not, be everywhere: global military hegemony is unaffordable, but regional military dominance when needed, is obtainable.

To learn more about Col. Macgregor, you can follow him on Twitter and check out his newest book: Margin of Victory.

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