Thursday, December 10, 2015

The debate over how to best contain ISIS

The debate over how to best contain ISIS

President Obama does not want to commit more than a few dozen special forces operatives to combat ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

But some Republicans have argued it's time for "boots on the ground."

Col. Douglas Macgregor (Ret.), executive vice president of the Burke-Macgregor Group, discussed that debate and other top defense issues with Capital Insider.

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  1. The utter absence Of regional "good guys" means any US ground invasion would be spectacularly stupid. The locals, and Russia, should be allowed to have their fun while NATO works toward containing the mess. With his Ukraine adventure sputtering Putin is succumbing to the same counterproductive escalation syndrome Presidents Johnson and Nixon displayed in Southeast Asia. Putinist posturing and inflated airstrike effectiveness reports (airpower narcissism never ends!) won't save Russia from a prolonged and costly mess if it insists on escalation. Just as the US imitated Soviet stupidity by remaining in Afghanistan, the NeoSoviets are imitating our idiocy in Iraq by their Syrian intervention.

    The key difference is we have the Atlantic ocean between us and our mistakes. Russia has no similar barrier.