Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Marines¹ $22.2 Billion Mistake?

 Target!  Marines are the only users worldwide of V22 ( a few SOF also), F35B (Italy bailed and Brits are talking a handful), H-1, AH-1, C-46. H53, not to mention their VIP fleet of Cessna's.  F35B carries fewer bombs than the A6 and the Marines don’t use VTOL jets near the fighting. They never have. Add to it the simple truth that the world today has thousands of 6,000 foot runways capable of accommodating all manner of military aircraft and the truth is we can't afford them and we don’t need very many of them. 

The Marines claim they are cheap, but never mention they depend on the Army’s schools for training, Army equipment for fighting and the Navy and the AF to move them and support them. It’s an enormous scam on the American Taxpayer.

Imagine trying to assemble a large fleet of surface ships just “over the horizon” from the objective to mount an amphibious invasion anywhere in the world given the overhead surveillance, commercial and military, as well as, the busy sea lanes that pass virtually every place of potential importance. Setting aside the problems with reaching the shore in such areas and surviving the journey, the assembled fleet would be identified targeted and promptly sunk

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